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About Whedo

What is Whedo?

Whedo helps you to connect with your family, friends and also your colleagues from all over the world, citizens living abroad and community members.

Photos, videos, music, links, other users’ updates, requests in your language and direct messages are all here. You can share them and let other friends know about us.

Why Whedo?

User friendly: You can do anything with a few clicks. It’s easy to use Whedo’s interface.

Interactive: Instantly like and comment on the posts, receive notifications when someone mentions you or answers your question.

Sign up easily: You can sign up with your email and just a few basic information or using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. We use registration information to add you to the basic groups.

Expand your social circle: Communicate with your friends and users you have something in common.

What about languages?

Whedo works interactively with your web browser. If browser language is supported then you can view Whedo in that language. You can select your language preference from the main page. We are trying to make available Whedo in many languages.

(Languages may be at beta stage.)

Can I use my mobile device to log in Whedo?

We developed a mobile interface for better user experience. You can use Mobile to connect. We are also working on our applications for IOS and Android platforms.

What is Whedo Community?

Whedo Community is a service that connects community or union members under one roof. Every community can create their own group and invite members. These groups are usually closed and only community members can reach them.

What is Random Whedo?

Random Whedo is created only for fun. When you log in, a random profile is given to you and you can do anything you want anonymously. You can be a part of Random Whedo by helping us to create new profiles.

Send your contact info to random@whedo.com

Let’s Get Started

How Can I Register?

If you don’t have a Whedo account, you can sign up with your email address, Facebook, Hotmail or Google+ account. Enter the required information correctly therefore we could serve you better and faster. After you complete registration we’ll send you an email to finish the sign up process. Simply click the link and it’s all done.

Is Whedo free?

Yes Whedo is a free site and it will remain that way. Although you can use Whedo with commercial purposes by purchasing adds.

What can I do with my Whedo account?

Welcome to Whedo! Now you can easily reach and communicate people from all around the world. You can find your friends and follow them.

When you follow a user, you can see their posts, “like” the ones you enjoy and “comment” on them and leave your thoughts. You can also post and share anything you want. Join the groups that you are interested and look for citizens living abroad, answer questions or leave yours.

Can I choose who sees the things I share?

Anyone who is followed you can see and comment on the things you share or post.

How can I find and follow my friends?

You can find your friends by searching for their name and email address. We also offer some recommended friends.

Once you find someone on Whedo hover over the username and click follow or go directly to their profile page and click follow.

What should I do to invite my friends?

Click “Invite friends via e-mail” and you can invite them by email, import Gmail contacts, copy the personal invitation link and send to your friends.

You can view sent invitation and their status in “Invitation Center”.

What are following and invitation requests?

If someone invites you to join a group or follows you, you will see a notification on your wall. You can either approve the request or ignore it.

What are groups?

We already created groups of every profession and city. Communities can apply to have their own group. Profession and city groups are open groups; other ones are usually closed groups.

You can join a closed group with an invitation from group admin. When you administer a group, you can change the options and invite members.

What is request?

Do you need something? Make a request for your business or just to learn something you are curious. You can make a request in specific groups. You will be notified by if your request has been filled.

How do I find groups to join?

You can find public groups on a certain topic by searching for the name. We already made you became the member of your profession and city groups. You can click “Join group” to join groups.

Using Whedo


How do I post something?

You can use text box to share anything you want. Type your message and add photos, links, videos or requests to your post.

Share with your followers, group members or just send a private message.

How do I share the links?

You can share any website on Whedo by simply copying the web address and pasting it into the “link” section and click “share”.

What should I do to edit or delete my posts?

You can click the edit or delete buttons under the post.

How can I send a private message?

Hover over the username and click the private message link that appears next to the username.

Also you can type your message into the text box, choose private message and type the username you want to send the message.

How can I make a request?

Simply click the request tab on the text box and choose wherever you want to send your request. Making the request on the right group will help your request to seen by related users.


How do I search for something on Whedo?

Just type your search query in the search box at the top of the page and click “search” button or press “enter”. Search results will be displayed separately for members, groups and posts.

You can save your search for later use.

Can I control who is allowed to send me a direct message?

Only the followers and groups you join can send you a private message.


How can I change my profile settings?

Just click “Settings” and you will be able to change your registration information.

How can I get notifications?

You can get notifications by e-mail. To configure your notification options, click “Settings” under your username and choose notifications. You can click here to change them directly.


How do I stop getting emails from Whedo?

You change your e-mail settingsand unsubscribe from all email from Whedo.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account here: Account Delete

Wherever you live, whatever you do